Equality & Inclusion


We believe that Jesus Christ came to bring his message to the entire World and that he met people where they were. We believe that we are all created in the likeness of God. We all have a part to play in supporting and challenging one another as Christians to follow the teachings and example of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

We believe in a Church that does not discriminate or prejudge people on any level. We celebrate what we each can bring from our many and unique differences that include race, gender, sexuality, physical and mental abilities, economic power and our life experiences.

We believe in a Church that welcomes and serves all people in the name of Jesus Christ and celebrates the uniqueness of our individual faith journeys. We seek to share and learn together a faith that is rooted in scripture and to proclaim the Gospel with an unending newness for each and every generation. In the power of the Holy Spirit, we long for all people to recognise and discover the true breadth, length, depth and height of the love that Jesus Christ has for all.


Central Hall has also passed a specific policy on holding services of prayer and thanksgiving following same sex marriage or civil partnerships

The Methodist Church at Coventry Central Hall believes that all people are made in the image of God and that we are commanded to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbours as ourselves. In this light, we seek to respond to couples seeking the ministry of the church as equally as possible, within the constraints of the law of the land and the discipline of the Methodist Church.

We are always pleased to welcome couples who wish the church’s involvement in the celebration of their relationship. Our normal expectation would be that the couple would meet with the minister to discuss the occasion, to explore Christian understandings of God’s love expressed in marriage and relationships and to undertake appropriate preparation and study. In this, we seek to respond to the particular needs and situation of each couple.

We are not able at present to solemnise same sex marriages or to register civil partnerships at Central Hall. The Methodist Conference would need to change our discipline for this to happen and there would then be further legal processes for us to complete. However, we are pleased to offer services of prayer and thanksgiving following a same sex marriage or civil partnership celebrated elsewhere. Couples who would be interested in exploring this possibility should contact the minister who can make the necessary arrangements.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail you can find more information here

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