After you have attended Church for a while you may like to consider membership – being a member of the church:

Ask yourself……

  • Do I think of myself as Christian?
  • Do other people think of me as Christian?
  • Do I go to Church?
  • Do I want others to come to Church?
  • Am I prepared to work for Christ in the Church and in the world?
  • Isn’t it time I committed myself to Jesus?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you ought to think seriously about becoming a Church member


Why consider membership?

  • because if you are a follower of Jesus, becoming a member helps you to publicly declare your faith. (Philippians 2:11; 1Corinitians 12:3)
  • because the Church is the body of Christ. In order to function it needs many active member and the local church is the focus for your commitment to Christ (1 Corinthians 12;12 & Romans 12;4)
  • because in the Church’s fellowship you can experience God’s love for you and other members of the body
  • because by dedicating yourself to God you can try to serve Him through mission and service
  • because without people the Church is nothing and will die.


What does membership mean?

  1. by becoming a member you are publicly acknowledging your decision to follow Christ and that you are prepared to work and witness to bring others to know Jesus
  2. by joining the fellowship of the Church you may learn and grow in the Christian life. Members are able to support one another both spiritually and practically
  3. that you intend to live your life as God intended and with the full responsibilities of Christian discipleship
  4. that you become a member not only of the local Methodist Church, but also of the world-wide Church.
  5. that you become eligible for certain posts of responsibility within the life of the Church
  6. that you begin to reverse the fall in membership of the Church!

If this is speaking to you ~ why not talk to the Minister?

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