Nurturing faith at home

Here are some tips and ideas for encouraging your child’s faith. You’re a key figure in your child’s faith development! Most importantly, try to just honestly chat with your child and share your thoughts and ideas with them.


  • Read Bible stories with your children.
  • Give your children an age-appropriate Bible to explore on their own.
  • Pray regularly with your children, for example before they go to sleep.
  • Have a special place you can take your children to for quiet time talking to God in their heads.
  • Mention God in everyday life and try to bring God into the conversation.
  • Try out bubble prayers! Blow bubbles and imagine that each bubble is a prayer going up to God, or each bubble is a sorry and when it pops it’s forgiven.
  • Use a sand pit to help you pray. You could use sand for sorry prayers – you can write your sorry in the sand and then rub it out, knowing that God’s forgiven you. Or you could build models of things you are praying for.
  • Play Doh is a great tool for prayer. Try making a model of the thing you’re praying for.
  • Help your children to experiment with prayer. Try noisy prayers, quiet prayers, prayers with music, prayers with props, prayers together, prayers alone, prayers in a special place, prayers out and about… lots of prayers!
  • Encourage your children and help them to grow in confidence with prayer. At the start you might need to pray out loud so your child can listen, and gradually encourage them to give it a go. Help your child to talk to God in their own words, since Jesus is our friend.
  • Play Christian music at home and teach your children fun Christian songs.
  • Biscuit prayers are a yummy way to enjoy praying with your children! Try letting your children decorate biscuits with a picture, word, or pattern that represents what they’re saying to God. Or it could just be a thank you prayer as they munch!
  • Pray with loom bands. You and your children could make loom bands in the colours of a flag of a country you’re praying for, or you could use symbolic colours like white for peace. You could also make friendship bracelets or loom bands and encourage your child to give one to someone they are praying for.
  • Make a pinboard with your family with lots of things on it that you can all say thank you for.
  • Encourage your children to ask questions and explore faith. This can be a bit scary because children have fantastic questions about faith! Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”. Ask them what they think about it. Do a bit of research and thinking and come back to them another time.
  • Focus on the grace of God and the love of God. Encourage the children to think of Jesus as their friend.
  • Don’t be afraid if older children have times of doubting or rejecting the Christian faith. We all have our own personal journey of faith, and sometimes that includes periods of distance. Try to keep the conversation open if you can and give your child space to express their thoughts and doubts. Keep praying, and remember that we can trust our children to God.
  • Encourage your children to find Christian friends.
  • Watch Christian TV programmes and films.
  • Model your faith to your children. It’s important for children to watch their parents worshipping at church, to hear their parents talking about faith, and to learn about how their parents’ faith translates into everyday life.

Where can I get more ideas?

There are lots more ideas online on nurturing faith at home – try for more tips.

Please get in touch (email or go here) if you’ve got more suggestions or if you’d like more ideas!


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