Youth Sundays: 9-16s

Welcome to Youth Sundays!


Who are Youth Sundays for?

Youth Sundays is for young people aged 9-16 years. We are flexible about age groups, so if your young person feels that they would like to join us they are very welcome.

What are Youth Sundays?

We regularly run Youth Sunday! We cook a yummy hot breakfast together and then have a chat while we tuck in. We explore our own questions about faith and learn more about God and what he means in our lives.

On non-Youth Sundays the young people have a choice about what they do. They can either: listen to the sermon together and then discuss it afterwards, volunteer as a helper with the children, or join in with the hosting teams.

At the end of each session, parents and carers come and collect their children and young people from our rooms.

Where can I get more info?

If you’d like more info about our current teaching series, please click here.

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We would love to get to know you on Sunday morning!

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