When someone dies the people of Central Hall are here to support the bereaved. Offering funeral services are part of this work.

Usually you will contact the Funeral Director in the first instance. However, Methodist Ministers will always be there for you if you need them.

If you want a particular Minister to conduct the funeral service you should tell the funeral director. Alternatively you may feel that you would like the Methodist Funeral Rite but don’t know who to ask to do it. All you need do is ask the funeral director to contact a Methodist Minister.

The Minister will them come to your home to discuss the service you want, to say goodbye to a loved one and to celebrate their life.

Funeral Options

There are various options:

  • A service in a Methodist Church followed by committal at a cemetery or crematorium
  • A committal at either the cemetery or the crematorium followed by a service of thanksgiving in a Methodist Church
  • A service and committal at the Crematorium

If you would like to get in touch with the minister directly about your funeral needs please use the contact page on our website.


Central Hall can also assist with catering. See the Business Website for more details and to download a menu.

Future planning

An important part of a funeral is planning.  If you have ever thought to yourself “I must tell my family I would like this at my funeral” or “I don’t want that at my funeral” – then you ought to right it down. To help your family cope with the first few days after death you might consider completing the It’s your funeral form created by our Minister.  Many families have done so and have found it invaluable when dealing with a loss. This form will soon be available here on the website.

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