In 2012 Cornerstone Methodist Church and MacDonald Road Methodist Church took the bold decision to cease to worship in their current buildings and to join with Coventry Central Hall to form a new church that was later named as The Methodist Church at Coventry Central Hall, or Central Hall for short! In this sense our history is a short one, but the history of the three former congregations is also part of the story of the Church and therefore it does stretch back much further…

Cornerstone Methodist Church

Coming soon.

Coventry Methodist Central Hall

Central Hall in 1966

A history of the building is available here.

MacDonald Road Methodist Church

From a publication in 1979:

The roots go back to early Primitive Methodism, and a building in Grove Street, opened on 9th April 1837, which lasted until a new Church was opened in Ford Street in 1887. A growing, influential fellowship included a good Sunday School, a strong Women’s Meeting, a Christian Endeavour of 30 plus and at least six active Local Preachers.

Bombed in November 1941, everything was destroyed but the spirit of the people. An old Scout hut was cleaned and prepared for worship; seating was loaned by the Central Hall, hymnbooks were given by Circuit Churches, and a friend gave a harmonium. In three weeks the Society was worshipping again.

City development plans prevented rebuilding on the Ford Street site, and so the friends were offered a site in Macdonald Road, a suburb where pre-war housing was being rapidly added to and a growing population gave new challenges to mission. A prefabricated hut was dedicated on 30th January 1948, and after very much hard work to raise the funds needed over and above the War Damage Grant, the present dual purpose Church/Hall was opened and dedicated on 9th June 1956.

The people try to serve the area with not only Public worship, but Sunday School and Youth work, a Play Group, and recently a Mothers’ and Toddlers’ Group. There is a fine Women’s Meeting and a monthly meeting for Women generally. (A development of a young wives’ group). Until now there has been a continuation of the Christian Endeavour, but this will be replaced by some other group in future. A feature of the service is an International Function of some sort, which seeks to explore ways of integrating immigrants from varied, not only coloured, cultures. There are still five Local Preachers in the society. Guides and Brownies use our building and attend Parade Services monthly. Ecumenical relations are good.

History in Pictures

Photographs and drawings of the three buildings are on display at Central Hall. There is a particularly interesting group of photos going up the staircase to the 2nd floor, why not take a look?

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