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Marriages and committed relationships speak to us powerfully of the love of God. They require perseverance and patience, forgiveness and grace. These are all things that Christians see ultimately in God. Each couple therefore, in their relationship, reflects something of who God is.

We’re always pleased to welcome couples who would like to celebrate their relationships in church. We aim to respond to all couples as equally as we can. However, at present Methodist discipline means we can only celebrate legal marriages for opposite sex couples. We’re very pleased to offer services following a same sex marriage or civil partnership, but the legal registration has to take place elsewhere.

There are three main options available:

The Marriage Service – a full legal wedding

The Blessing of a Marriage previously solemnised – especially suitable for opposite sex couples

A service for the celebration of relationships – especially suitable following same sex marriage or civil partnership

The minister will be able to give you copies of each service.



Legal requirements for Marriage

To marry in the Methodist Church you need to complete Civil Preliminaries with the Registrar.

To marry at Central Hall you need to

  • Reside in the Coventry registration district (at least one of you) or have Central Hall as your usual place of worship
  • Both visit your local registrar to give notice – this might be two registrars if you live in different places

You both need to visit your local registrar in person and each obtain a registrar’s certificate.

You need to visit the registrar not more than a year in advance and not later than 15 days before the wedding.

The registrar will need from both of you the following details:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Occupation
  • Date of the wedding
  • The church you will be married in

After publishing this and your intention to marry s/he will issue you each with a certificate. both of these certificates must be given to the Minister – without this we cannot proceed.

For more information please contact our Minister, Mark on


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